Children & Teen Lessons

Your greatest fear as a parent is probably wondering whether your child will find piano lessons boring.  Am I right?  Well, the good news is, I believe I have found a way to bring joy to every students music lesson, making them want to come back for more!

The Problem

Kids have so much on their plate these days.  Where on earth are they going to be able to fit in the time for piano practice in amongst all their chores and sports and homework and school and the list goes on?!

Parents have told me they used to play as a kid but they couldn’t keep up with the demands of what their teacher was asking them to do.

What if I told you that today, students no longer face that struggle?  Do you believe me?  Read on to find out how!

The Solution

It is my goal to make lessons as fun and as captivating as possible.  Students don’t like to be lectured, they like to be active!  With a games based approach to learning, students will want to take them home, play them with you and come back to learn more music games the next week!

My students:

  • Learn the basics from day 1 so they can learn any style of music

  • Have opportunities to create their own music

  • Are rewarded for their successes with certificates and medals – some are even featured on my Facebook page!

  • Learn enough in their lesson to be able to perform their music at home

So what are you waiting for?!  Get in touch now to sign up for lessons on my contact page!

See what others are saying about my piano lessons!

Our children 7 and 9 years old have been having piano and flute lessons with David since 2014. They both look forward to their lessons and David is very skilled at patiently guiding them and encouraging them. David is very good at communicating with parents and keeping us up to date with progress. David is always on the lookout for helpful resources, eisteddfods and exams to assist students with their learning. We appreciate David’s flexibility and enthusiasm for helping our children reach their full potential.

Suzanne and David