Adult Lessons

Are you a parent or adult envious of the opportunities children get when it comes to learning music?  Instead of dwelling on the past and wishing you had, let’s start together straight away!  What are you honestly waiting for?

The Problem

Being an adult comes with a load of Piano Facetresponsibilities we don’t have as children –
working full time jobs, raising children, attending events.  Where do you find the time to fit in a lesson and the practice to make it all worth while?  I believe I have the answer.

The Solution

My studio is a place for fun, and from the first lesson, you will learn:

  • fundamentals of music to help you play any style of music you want

  • songs you want to play!  Have a song you really love?  We’ll learn it!

Music provides many benefits for the adult learner including reduced stress, higher IQs and preventing aging (the number still goes up though), all scientifically proven!

With a flexible schedule, we can find a time that suits you.  Get started now by heading on over to the contact page and send me a message.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

David has been teaching me piano for 2 years now. Being a mature age when I first started piano lessons, I never thought I would play as I do now. David is a fun, supportive and encouraging music teacher. He is a talented musician and a dedicated, knowledgeable teacher. I really enjoy my lessons with David and look forward to continuing my piano tuition with him.