Flute Lessons

Music Lessons are one of the most valuable experiences anybody can receive in life for any age group.  Starting at six or older, students can begin flute lessons at any time.  Find out why you want to start flute lessons:

Gone are the days where a music lesson was dreamstime_xs_31871244something parents made their kids attend.  Now, with the help of technology and a personable teacher (me!), lessons are fun!  My students will be the ones reminding you to take them to their lesson.  Lessons are filled with games, and play-along experiences including duets with me that make the student want to come back for more!

Not only that, I can take them down any path they want to go – exams, competitions or just plain fun.  Any student can reach the goals they want to reach.

For this premium service, lessons are offered at $40 for half an hour, or longer for the more keen students at the same rate!

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