Supersonics Piano


At the beginning of 2015, I’d begun my second year of teaching piano full time. I’d discovered Piano Adventures and starting shifting all of my students over to the different levels. Around the middle of the year, I was hooked on it but was starting to find that some pieces weren’t stimulating enough for the students. I needed something else to make up for it. I posted in the Australasian Piano Teachers group on Facebook and was swarmed with advice. The most common suggestion I heard was ‘Supersonics by Daniel McFarlane’. I checked it out – here was an Australian composer, thriving in his element for writing ‘cool’ music that boys and girls love!

As a result, I loved it! I spent a couple hundred dollars and got the essentials – Land of the Middle Seas, Castle Escape, and Supersonics A, B and C. These books provided a wealth of music for every single student I had at the time. Land of the Middle Seas was perfect for my beginners working through Primer level, Castle Escape was great for my students working through Level 1 and above. The Supersonics books provided additional material for the higher levels.

Why did I love Supersonics so much? I can only begin to list everything about why but here are a few reasons:

  • The music really did sound cool! My students wanted more and more, often we spent lessons just on the Supersonics music before coming back to progressing through the method books.
  • Everything I bought from Supersonics could be given to any of my students without having to charge them. Who doesn’t love free music?!
  • Backing tracks for every single piece! This added an extra layer to the music with cool drum beats and additional instruments making it sound as if you are playing in a band.
  • Listen before you buy – there are recordings of every piece. If I’m not sure if the music would be suitable, I can simply listen to the music right there on the page.

So where am I now? I own about 90% of the music Daniel has published, and continue to buy his music as it’s released including his latest Blast Off series – teacher duets for every piece, backing tracks, and a Chord Method! The Chord Method is an exceptional introduction to learning to read tabs, particularly in pop songs – almost every kid wants to learn their favourite song. Even today, I’m distributing his music to the majority of my students.


When you’re looking for additional supplementary material for your students – whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or any time of year, there’s  Supersonics music for everyone that all students enjoy.

Check it out at – for bonus material, sign up! It’s quick and easy and worth every cent!

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